Upcoming Events

On holidays we have special activities such as costume parades and concerts that help teach the children about the holiday through fun participation.

Every month there is a specific theme with an appropriate activity and event, such as an egg hunt for Easter and a costume parade for Halloween.

On the occasion of every holiday, our young students work on art projects specialized to the season to commemorate the holiday.

Every year, our preschoolers perform in many special performances and events, such as winter concerts and graduation ceremonies. Parents come and enjoy the show, many taking the opportunity to take pictures of their children dancing and singing on stage.

We are very fortunate in having access to the spacious Little Theater within our building for all of our special events and rehearsals.

For Halloween, the children have fun dressing up in their costumes for a classroom party and a costume parade out on the playground.

Parents come to join in the party and watch the parade. Many take pictures and video to remember all the fun their children have in this event. In classes beforehand, the children work on masks to wear as part of an involved and engaging art project.

Easter fun includes art activities in which students dye Easter eggs and make “bunny ear” hats, which students wear on their Easter Egg hunt through the playground and classroom.

The teachers help set up the egg hunt to challenge children’s imagination and creativity.

Even months without holidays get a special project and activity. In August we have our Fun in the Water Day, a summertime celebration.

We also have other shows throughout the year for the students. The shows give child-oriented performances that include lots of audience participation.

Twice a year, the students put on a performance for their parents: one at Christmas and one at Graduation by all the students. This year’s graduation performance featured surfer songs and hula dances by our Young World boys and girls.