About Us

Our goal at Young World Preschool is to provide all of the children at Young World with a comfortable, creative, nurturing, and educational environment in which each child can develop at his or her individual pace. We focus on play, social development, and academic readiness. We encourage good self-esteem and fun, both of which we believe are foundations of learning. When a child is relaxed, learning becomes a natural part of his or her development.

We have a daily schedule that enables both parents and children to feel secure in the consistency of the program and in the diversity of the curriculum. Each class has a posted curriculum which contains age-appropriate activities that parents can review. Our teachers are experienced, state-certified, and dedicated. Our staff is responsible and caring.

We pay special attention to the cleanliness and cheerfulness of the facility as well, with colorful new toys, books, furniture, floors, and wall murals. In addition, our hot lunch program provides nutritious, well-balanced meals for growing youngsters.

We encourage parent suggestions. Making your child’s day happy and productive in a creative learning environment is our mission. We appreciate the ideas, support, and concerns of our students’ families toward this goal.